How Flexible Workspace Model Works for Millennial Workers?


It was in the early 2000s when open office setups and hot-desking options gained popularity. But, now office spaces of today have become agile and sophisticated to cater to both corporate and startups, both of which have a large proportion of the millennial workforce. And as such, it is important for the workspaces of today to be able to encourage entrepreneurship and the importance of a positive work-life balance in their millennial team.

Millennials are predicted to make up 40% of the global workforce by 2022.

Office design is the first aspect through which the organizations can instil hopes, dreams, and aspirations of the millennial workforce. As a younger part of your team, millennials are ambitious, creative and technically sophisticated. They work not only for a paycheck, and can also willingly jump to another ship if they don’t seek satisfaction at what they do. In fact, millennials spend a lot of time contemplating new job opportunities.

All of these factors are triggered by the environment they work in. Well, office design and layout plays with the temperament of the millennial workforce, organizations all over the globe spend hours and millions in building a working setup that their workforce would love to be in.

So, what characteristics changes should be brought about into office design?

incuspaze-office-design-millennial Workspaces that Fosters Collaboration – Unlike, previous generations millennials have a lower need for private areas at work. Coworking spaces offer open work areas for better collaboration for millennial.

Flexible Options – Flexible workspaces are great for accomplishing different tasks as per different personality types. Millennials perform inside flexible workspace models, where they can work with teams or do focus-based work when needed.

Technical Workspaces – Companies embracing flexible workspace models offer areas where team members don’t need to work from a fixed workstation. Which means, virtual work areas, access to a remote workspace near their home locations, and video conferencing on the go, are some of the features that excite millennials.

Common areas – Common areas diminishes the need for working from the same desk. Millennials look for workspaces that help them finish the task by any means. Collaboration and creativity come by working in open areas that also works as social areas.

How flexible workspace model helps millennials in the long run?

There are a few ways in which flexible workspace models work in the long run for the millennial workforce. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Offices with smaller rents and spaces just for the need – Now, workspaces don’t need sprawling areas for each type of function. Multi-use common areas are good for growing teams that utilize the workspace and thus need lower rental plans too.

2. Smaller rental plans are great for small & medium size businesses that want to work from top business locations, yet don’t want to shell out more. In India, coworking spaces in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai and other leading cities, are known for their flexible rental plans that work as per the user requirements.


3. Flexibility to adapt to today’s rapidly changing needs. Millennial workforce work in new-age startups and companies that see success when they grow in size. A flexible workspace allows for expansions and contraction in team sizes as the company moves ahead. This flexibility also means that the office space can be rearranged to suit the needs of employees and projects as they change over time. A meeting room or a conference room for team huddles or celebrating an event can be arranged for in a flexible workspace, as and when needed.

4. Flexible workspace models work extremely well when millennial organize events, seminars or hold meetings. They are also better away from visual and auditory distractions, doesn’t affect productivity and thus result in lowering stress levels among employees.

5. Better work-life balance is a key indicator of happiness in millennials. Flexible workspace solutions offer a work-friendly environment that benefits every millennial employee. There’s a peace of mind without hampering the physical and emotional needs of any employee.

6. There’s also adequate space for resting, collaborating and socializing that helps in the overall wellbeing of an employee.

A smart, well-laid-out flexible workspace solution works in favour of not only providing a better environment but also results in higher efficiency and productivity of the team members. In case you work in an office that hasn’t been updated in a recent time, its best to join in a workspace that‘s based on a flexible model.

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