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5 Ways to get best out of your Co-working Space

The co-working space industry is gaining widespread popularity in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We live in a shared economy and co-working spaces are providing pooled resources to boost productivity by maximum optimization of:

  • Physical office space
  • Logistical Resources such as (Printers, laptops, WiFi, conference rooms, whiteboard brainstorming spaces etc), and
  • Professional Fraternity

While the broad merits are evident, here are 5 top tips to get the best out of your co-working space:

  • Optimally utilize your Business funds

Use your co-working space to effectively manage your day in day out office management needs. It is recommended for the company to use the modern office space for business meetings and boardrooms- to give out good first impressions instead of business meeting in restaurants and cafés.

Or Use the seating arrangements, reliable Wi-Fi and office equipment at your dispense to ease the office work. While the co-working space caters to your business basic needs and mundane traditional activities of meeting hefty maintenance bills and office establishment costs, you can concern yourself with more important business issues such as company’s growth, product development, team building, networking etc.

  • Attendance:

Co-working space gives you the luxury of flexible work hours, but if you wish to devour the merits, show up consistently to avail the numerous benefits co-working space has to offer you. From working in your coterie to networking to saving costs and using pooled resources, you have to be present to be a part of it.

  • Networking with your co-workers:

As Incuspaze cites the co-working space is a one-stop solution to all your startup needs, providing for support functions that build connections and collaboration, thereby building strong relationships in the startup community. You intricately bond not only with your own employees but also the co-workers from other teams. Such a common platform facilitates an amazing opportunity to network with people sharing your enthusiasm and ideology. A simple conversation can teach you of an opportunity, new learning’s, techniques or collaborations. From my personal experience, I once learnt about this new tool Prezi from a fellow co-worker and months later now, I haven’t been able to survive without this tool.

  • Networking Beyond your co-workers at Events and happy hours

In a co-working space, there is a carnival of networking events and activities that foster personal development, business skills, socializing, to add value to the membership each day through active participation. Use these unplugged happy hours to pick new flair and prowess, meet new clients/ partners, investors and even find top talent for your business.

  • Experiment different spots in the working space:

to identify which external environment evokes the best of your work efficiency or suits your purpose. Don’t restrict yourself to a work zone, you never know which area will enhance your productivity to knock out pending pile of work.

If you are thinking there’s no way you have co-working space near you…

Visit incuspaze.com and fill in your requirement details. We are just about to prove you wrong.

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