4 ways to have the most productive working space

It should not be “just your workplace”, but the most sacred ground that brings out the most productive part of you. It doesn’t matter if you’re working from home or have an office of your own; an ideal working space should be free from distractions, comfortable but not too cozy, boost your morale and enhance your creativity and productivity. Incuspaze offers you “Hail- Mary” tips to transform your work space from better to the best with these fantastic 4 ways to have the most productive office working space.

An efficient furniture

Of course, when you’re out there to design or develop the limited edition masterpieces of your time, you need the proper tools. Here at Incuspaze, we ensure that proper furniture are in place that meet the corporate standards for the startups to perform better! A proper chair and a proper desk are the most underrated essentials that provide comfort. A good ergonomic chair with proper armrests gives you the anthropometric edge to keep you in the best shape. A good chair must have armrests. The armrests should be low enough for your shoulders to stay relaxed, for your elbow to bend at a 90 degree angle and for your feet flat and firm on the floor, providing your spine the perfect arch.

Coworking Furniture and productivity

The desk is just as important as the chair. So when you go shopping for a new desk or if you decide to make a custom one, be mindful to buy the ideal height. Well of course, the seats can be adjusted, but the devil lies in the details.

Set the lights right

Ambient light is essential, not just for optimum visibility but to provide the natural energy and morale booster straight from nature. The mood boost by sunlight automatically enhances your mood and thereby productivity. Our workspaces at all the official Incuspaze co working centers in Gurgaon, Lucknow and Indore have well-lit facades and large-sized windows to keep the sunlight just right.

Sunlight in coworking and productivity

Proper artificial sunlight should be maintained in the workspace to facilitate reading, writing desktop & Mobile operations and miscellaneous activities.

The Right Temperature

Too hot and it will affect your concentration and too cold, it will jeopardize your productivity. The ambient temperature is a factor always overlooked, which is why the proper Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning system should necessarily be installed to regulate the surrounding temperature. The Incuspaze working centers have working centralized Air conditioning systems to maintain a healthy working temperature. If the budget is a concern, there are numerous ways to reduce the cost of running air conditioners which are just a Google Search away. You can also buy portable heaters for the chilly winters.

Define the workspace

An Ideal workspace should be halfway between a home and an office, it should be as cozy and inviting as your home is, but should also be as functional and an efficient, which is the key! At Incuspaze we took up this challenge to designing an office that’s inspiring and equally inviting, just what startups need. We have the meeting spaces, conference rooms and cabin walls filled with motivational and inspirational posters, something for you to look forward too! Customizing and pimping your workspace goes a long way to enhance and stimulate your mood to the zenith of productivity. Combining comfort and functionality at your office space gives you endless scopes of creativity.

cowork space and productivity

Choose the most stimulating colours for the walls, graphic rich designs for the centre walls and a subtle colours for ceiling. White Boards and bulletin noards are a mist. Make your pick up the right colour, as the colour represents your office ethos and defines your workspace mood. Orange signifies joy, warmth, , enthusiasm, creativity, success, encouragement, change, determination , happiness, fun, enjoyment, balance, expression, and fascination, which is the core theme of incuspaze interior. Select the right colours, posters and images to reflect your workspace ethos and culture.

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