What Makes Managed Office Spaces a Whole Support Ecosystem for Your Business?


A business is established keeping multiple aspects in mind. Whether be it the location or the ease of access to the team members, everything has its own priorities while setting up the office space. While an accounting business may need more enclosed spaces for error-free work, an advertising business might need more open areas for better collaboration and thought to share. When companies look for office space on rent they keep their business ideas and the varying need of their team ahead.

In today’s pandemic scenario, the ways organizations conduct their operations have changed too. Soaring rental debts due to inoperable conditions have led to a fall in the supply of office space by 30-35% (source). And that has led to the change in the operation strategies.

Now businesses are keener to have fully managed office spaces, that takes care of all their requirements of managing the office – from maintenance to aesthetics – and should come within the folds of cost-effectiveness.

Managed Office Spaces for Enterprises are Built-in That Way

Apart from keeping the “feel-good” factor intact, which adds value from visitors and employees touchpoints; managed office spaces takes care of the brand value as well. Present in ideal locations, with robust infrastructure and the ability to add just the right hint of customization to your workplace, they are the intangible assets to your business.

How managed office spaces are ideal for your business?


Let’s start from the beginning.

For a business to thrive it needs to have a solid blueprint. Similarly, office space on rent for companies needs to have a strong and modern infrastructure. As the traditional office setups are fast fading, and businesses looking forward to an international appeal in their office structures, managed office spaces perfectly fit the shoe in this regard.

Most of the managed office spaces are planned to keep MNCs and global brands in mind. As such their aesthetic and functional values are kept at par with the international standards, attracting global companies in the process. From easy customization to compliment branding, minimal worries in the upkeep, and budget-friendly operational cost, managed offices comes out as a scalable solution.

In terms of CapEx, investing in a traditional setup involves greater risks as the tenant profile or the market positioning has decreased. This is not the case with managed office spaces, as they are undertaken to keep the future in mind.

Take accessibility to the workplace as an example. Do you think that an MNC employee today would travel to their office with the prevalent covid conditions? Here, where the companies operating in the traditional setups suffer, because of the restrictions that their employee face while working from home. It could be the faulty internet or the noisy atmosphere or even the lack of a proper workstation. But, companies are taking a hit because of the absence of fully managed office spaces in the bigger picture. managed-office-space-for-startups

Businesses switching to managed office spaces in these times have seen the ease in the application of the hybrid work model (where some of the team members’ works from home while others operate in offices, as and when required).

The full set of amenities, including the uninterrupted internet, power backup, dedicated desks, meeting rooms, proximity to nearby public transit points, parking space and every other office issues that were earlier not addressed – is now taken care of by managed office spaces. With great technology and service, companies can now avail the best of facilities, at a price they want. Organizations look for value-added services along with their office space.

Managed office spaces are a world in their own rights

Managed offices are a business’ answer to finding the best office spaces. From superb infrastructure to adding amazing brand value, they have their own world. From attracting future talents to leaving an impression on potential customers, managed office spaces work like strategic coffee machines that fill energy and ideas along with taking care of all your office needs.


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