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The startup is making Desi Style products available to the world

Startup: Indian’s Favourite

Founders: Vipul and Prateek

Industry: E-Commerce

Investment: Bootstrapped

Industry: E-Commerce


India is a country with rich culture and various diversities. Each state or region in India has its own culture, language, religion and lifestyle; nevertheless, it applies to fashion as well. Traditional wear varies from place to place, and undoubtedly, each place has its uniqueness.

But, is there one shop from where we can purchase all such different products? For example: If you want to purchase Rajasthani Jewelers sitting in Delhi, can you do that? Yes, you can! Check out Indian’s Favourite. It’s a dream come true for shopping enthusiasts who want to purchase Desi Style products.

The main motive of the company is to serve the common people and the established brands and include the specialties of each particular region. The product is targeted on location, based on its specialties. They have various categories of products like Food, Clothing, Jewelries, Handicrafts, Bags, Home Décor and much more.

Vipul Jha is the CEO of Indian’s Favourite. He is a frequent traveler and has traveled many places with his family members. His curiosity to identify the specialties of each place he visits was the biggest inspiration for the inception of Indian’s Favourite. He was wondering how come a tourist or traveler can purchase the same thing again, which they purchased while visiting some place?

He explains an incident happened when he visited Jaisalmer and got gifts for his friends. One of his friends who was a native of Jaipur asked him from where did he get this? And when he said Jaisalmer, it turned out that the very same thing is not available in Jaipur i.e. within the same state. That was the moment; Vipul thought how a product which is not even available within the same state could be made available to the different parts of the country? And that thought gave birth to Indian’s Favourite.

After his college days and a year experience in family business, Vipul & Prateek started off with Indian’s Favourite.

Vipul is an electrical engineer and a post graduate in M.Tech from Chandigarh University. He was offered with jobs after graduation, but he chose to work in his family business for experience and learning so that he can start off with his venture.

Prateek is an engineer as well and has about 3-4 years of experience in ENTITY DATA COMPANY as a software developer.

The biggest challenge in their journey was that freelancers did the much of initial work, so there was a gap of energies between them. The team was facing big impacts in terms of delay in timelines, work getting stopped for a period, etc. The result was that the quality work was not produced, which created disputes and clashes of ego. Still, a person is yet to be found whom the founders can rely upon and get the work done in return.

The challenge was overcome as the duo divided the work between themselves. They claimed of working on an average of 15 – 16 hours every day. The office was in Vipul’s home, so the traveling time was saved in the process. Vipul explains the whole day used to go in making calls talking to people for products like food, vendors, freelancers, etc. and the rest of the evening goes in locating the products and specifications.

The company is bootstrapped as of now. At this initial level, the duo doesn’t see any competition and does not include the big e-commerce players like Flipkart, Amazon, etc. as their competitors. In future, to outpace the competitors they want to create a strong chain of links and build a good chain of relationship with foreign suppliers and vendors; create the demand for bulk orders from India and foreign countries.

The main strategy of the team is to set up exhibitions in foreign countries to spread the culture of India to attract a large number of customers, as they are more inclined towards traditional handicrafts and food items.

Future plans of the duo focus on making the handicrafts section available with an addition of traditional sweets/food items and exhibit them in foreign countries to attract foreign buyers because the demand for such things is more in foreign countries as compared to India. They are also planning to set up a shop in every airport and railway stations of India. They want to make sure there is no compromise with the quality and deliverables of the product.

The biggest learning for the duo in their journey was,

“Not to give up, believe in yourself and one will do everything.”

And their tip for the new entrepreneurs in the market is

“Just believe in yourself and your idea. People might misguide you, ignore them. Your team and strength should be unique and approach in the right path.”

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