Startup Growth

A Startup’s growth hugely depends upon the eco-system. At Incuspaze, we have mentors and potential investors connect services in line waiting to ignite your startup.

Investor Connect

Need funding for your project? Pitch ideas and get your investors here!

Mentor Connect

Lacking guidance? Get your doubts cleared from our expert mentors.

Service Connect

Focus on your business growth while our service partners get your tasks done.

Mentor Connect

Incuspaze’s through its Mentor Connect Program is designed to help startups and entrepreneurs at various stages of their startup journey by providing them with the right guidance. This program provides insights from successful business leaders and entrepreneurs. Invaluable advice on first-hand difficulties and challenges faced by a startup. We want to empower the startups by laying the right foundation towards success and providing them with all the resources they need to get that jump start.

Under the mentor connect program

A dedicated Mentor will guide you, act as a sounding board, test you in order to carve your idea and turn in into an actionable business plan. You will also be introduced to industry contacts and startups in India or aboard who can help share your business better.
360 Degree Approach
Under the program, apart from idea validation and developing the business plan, your mentor will also work with you to narrow down your Go-to-Market strategy, revenue model, possible funding options and introduce you to the art of Investor Relationship management.
Startup Inner Community
As part of the program, you shall be a part of our Startup Inner Community, which gives access to a wide variety of resources, advice on real world experiences to help you at each stage of your startup journey.
Workshops / Events
Exclusive access to Workshops and events conducted by Incuspaze and its partners to learn more about things that matter, understanding diverse perspectives, overcome challenges, many more topics which will help shape your ideas.

Service Connect

Incuspaze Services Connect is structured to connect and collaborate. We cross-pollinate our startups and our service providers. As startups build and grow, they invariably need access to support functions. Being at Incuspaze gives you access to our verified listing of trusted service providers. Access to the right professionals, from within our ecosystem means you can focus on your business growth, while your service partners take care of the rest.

Our Services

Legal Services

Book appointments with verified, qualified and startup-friendly lawyers. Get the right advice for all your legal queries and make smart decisions with your preferred lawyer.

Financial Services

Startups in their early stages are trying to bootstrap and make best use of their limited funds. Tap into our network of Accountants to ensure all your financials are organised and you are tax compliant. Receiving the right financial guidance early on in your journey is vital for any startup.

Marketing Services

Develop and implement your marketing strategy. Get the word out for your startup with support from our service providers, be it for design, branding, digital marketing, SEO or social media, we have you covered through our affiliates.

Investor Connect

You may have a viable business plan ready for pitching your startup to investors, you may also know how much funding do you need and done all the math, but do you know when is the right time to start looking for investors and how to proceed?

At Incuspaze, our co-working solutions enable a startup to connect with the potential investors and mentors for right guidance and opportunity to work on a larger scale with better funding.

We have the right connections to connect you with more than 200 potential investors headed by Deependra Singh
The NRI funding to Indian Startups lead by Crowdinvest
Tech Fund, Institutional funding lead by Billion fund


  • Full fledged branding and marketing agency based in Hiranandani, Mumbai with an exceptionally talented core founding team.
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  • Aggregating small coaching institutes to strengthen their overall brand positioning against large institutes and provide quality education at affordable prices.
  • Helping busy working professionals celebrate special occasions by providing them all that they need to celebrate with a single click and delivered at their doorstep.
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  • Startup magazine targeting universities and colleges across India; educating the students early on about the real life case studies and get inspired from their success.
    The Cofounder
  • A platform for educators to evaluate the students performance and enhance the performance via intervention developed with the use of Artificial intelligence.

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