Work Smart By Co-Working In Incuspaze

Leaving your job and starting a new business is a task more courageous than keeping your superhero identity a secret.

Especially, in India, you ought to have a perfect team and a decent registered office not to just begin operations but, also to brainstorm ideas.

Thinking of investing in a good office isn’t the need of the hour but, finding a good team is.

So, how do you get both of a these?

A co-working office is a solution to both of these problems.

Incuspaze, a co-working office space cum incubation center, is here to support the budding entrepreneurs by bridging the gap between a great workplace and an entrepreneur with great ideas.

In a co-working space, one doesn’t have to invest in his own office or even pay the rent of the entire office but, only for a part of it.

Following are the perks of working in a co-working office space like Incuspaze.

  • Reduces costs and efforts of setup

Leasing an office is too expensive for newbies. Paying heavy rent while your business is anyway on a trial period is also a huge initial liability. Expenses like brokerage, security deposit, city code hassles, equipment cost, internet fees, line up from the first day. Enough a discouragement, right?

But, in a co-working office, all one needs is to go and settle without any preparation. All the equipment is all set up for use and all the fees and charges are already sorted.


  • Networking and communications

Were you looking for a decent writer to join your team where content is necessary but, not the core work? Well, you might just find one on the table opposite to yours in a co-working office.


  • Guidance and mentorship

Finding industry seniors and mentors in a co-working office is very apparent. Knowing their experience, asking them about the hurdles they faced and thus, learning from their mistakes can really help you to be a pro in tackling similar problems that might come your way, smartly.


  • Super cool work environment

A co-working space is an office space of the 21st century. Cool wall arts, awesome paintings, fabulous interiors and hence, in a nutshell, all those things that make your environment super cool are a part of co-working spaces. For how long will you do your redundant job in an even more redundant office?

A co-working office space gives one the opportunity to change the rules of work while working in a rather efficient manner. Clear your way by not trapping yourself in the logistics of rents and equipment. It is the place to launch your freelance career and to build your startup.

In the end, who cares about thousands of small bills when there are fat cheques coming your way, for that idea in your mind?

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