Why the MNCs are Looking Forward to Flexible Workspaces in 2021?


With the flexible workspaces and agile offices space services helping organizations and companies recoup the lost progression of 2020 MNCs especially are showing great interest in taking up these spaces. Another aspect why MNCs are looking for office space in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and other top cities is also to go around the efforts and expenditure involved in getting independent office spaces.

According to a CBRE report on office occupancy, about 64% of MNCs plan to rely on some kind of third party office solutions. As a result of which flexible office spaces has a bright future for businesses in India.

New MNCs find India metros a hotspot to open up their satellite offices. (source)

As service providers of fully managed office spaces are growing their grounds, MNCs have a great say on their expansion terms. Flexible office space for rent for MNCs also cuts down the burden of the huge investment from the management too.

As per the growing trends, shared office spaces offer greater flexibility to the MNCs who are not looking to limit themselves with a permanent address. In the current COVID-19 times when the work from home option grew in importance, MNCs opted for satellite offices giving greater feasibility to their team members.

Removing the compulsion to work from the same location, coworking office and shared workspaces are great for MNCs in this ever-changing market scenario. A permanent office solution for MNCs can be a time-consuming process, therefore the flexible offices with their well-equipped amenities, ergonomic furniture, and world-class infrastructure help MNCs and corporate to focus on their operations than worrying about matching to the aesthetical standards worldwide. In terms of human resources, hiring new talent gets easier for the MNCs with bright amenities that attract people and increases the brand value.

In the last 10 years, the market for office space for MNCs has undergone a massive transformation. In cities like Gurgaon and Bangalore, which are the favourite spots for opening up offices for global companies, the office space rentals are high than in other metros and Tier-2 cities. In such a scenario, the flexible workspaces and coworking offices offer a vibrant ambience and great community for a host of services without the hassles of any long-term commitments.

Flexible workspaces give the ability to change the office as per the changing needs. (source)

In the Indian real estate market the flexible workspaces have grown into a full-grown setup that is beneficial not just for the domestic enterprises and startups, but a great option for the MNCs too.

Factors why MNCs look for flexible office spaces in India –

Builds creativity and innovation in the workforce –

A creative culture at the workplace can only be cultivated when workspaces support joint effort and inventiveness. From business infrastructure to meeting rooms to generate new ideas, everyone can churn out creativity with better workspaces. Cooperating new companies plan their office spaces that breed innovation with alleviating colours and ergonomic furniture.

Deals with all the costs –

Flexible office spaces offer MNCs arrangements where services, support and other management tasks are dealt with you by the workspace provider. The business would then be able to channelize their energies towards more profitable exchanging and chief exercises. Shared coworking spaces address the issues emerging out of rising land costs and the need to remain light-footed. Therefore, a colossal piece of cash that would be sent in securing property to open another office can be used in more gainful business activities.

Higher networking potential –

A flexible office space allows corporate to communicate their organizations to a more extensive crowd that they may not in any case have approached. All the while they will approach fair and benevolent input from individual associates. As a system, MNCs like to work out with the goal that they are nearer to potential clients.

Job fulfilment –

For better employee job satisfaction MNCs rely on flexible workspaces to carry on with satisfied and associated lives. Apart from their homes and financial commitments, flexible workspaces offer a more hopeful and theoretical zone.

Flexibility in the workplace is one of the biggest job fulfilment parameters. (source)

Flexible workspaces are reasonable options that give all the vital assistance to MNCs and organizations with the real estate aspects of their business. These sorts of workplaces address all parts of an ideal work environment. They are comprehensive of financial, natural, social and stylish variables, making it a healthy working environment program.

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