WEDDING WISHLIST – Gifting Experience 2.0

Startup Name: Wedding Wishlist

Tagline: Gifts You Need, From People Who Care

Founders: Kanika Subbiah

Year of founding: February 2016

Funding Status: Seed fund of 2 crores

Investors: Kirthiga Reddy (CEO, Facebook, India) and Renuka Ramanath (Founder, Multiples Equity).

Gifts are always special to heart; till the moment we open its wrapper. There is a saying that,

“The quality of the gift depends on the sincerity of the giver”

It’s 100% true, and the worst thing over 90% of gifts we receive in weddings are unusable redundant gifts, any newlyweds in India will relate to this. Wedding Wishlist, the startup from Chennai is on the mission to change the way we give and receive gifts at weddings.


Wedding Wishlist – Gifts You Need From People Who Care.

Kanika Subbiah founded Wedding Wishlist, the pioneering concept of a wedding gift registry in India. She came up with the idea, when one of her friend shared experience of receiving irrelevant and duplicate gifts at her wedding. During her stay in the US, she saw the concept of wedding registries firsthand; the benefits were compelling – gifting was extremely easy and relevant. 89% of all weddings in the US have a registry.

She shares,

“In over 40 weddings I attended in U.S., I saw the critical role played by couple’s registry or Wish-list, if not for that, guests would have no idea what to gift the couple. It is the same in India; most guests have no idea what to gift, but they often resort to recycled, duplicate or redundant gifts. This is the Wedding Wishlist value proposition; it creates a bridge between the couple and guests.”

With Wedding Wishlist,

  • Receive the Gifts You Want – You make a Wishlist and share your gift preferences with your near and dear ones, so every gift is well-appreciated.
  • Allow Guests to Contribute – Your guests can contribute towards any gift on your Wishlist, even invite others to join them in giving a group gift.
  • Earn Wishlist Credits – Earn Wishlist Credits and redeem them towards any purchase on Wedding Wishlist Store.
  • Simplify your Thank You Cards – Simplify your thanks-you notes by keeping track of everything you receive from your guests – purchases, contributions and group gifts.
  • Wishlist Planner – Create and optimize your Wishlist based on expected number of guests.
  • Personalized wedding Page – Create a Wishlist that reflects your style.
  • Gift from Anywhere – Your guests can gift from anywhere in the world with Wedding Wishlist.
  • Privacy – Share your Wishlist with only those whom you are comfortable with. Make it as public or private as you like.

Wedding Wishlist was launched on February 2016 and the founder says so far they had overwhelming and heartwarming journey. They raised seed fund of 2 crores from Kirthiga Reddy (CEO, Facebook, India) and Renuka Ramanath (Founder, Multiples Equity).

Speaking about the challenges she faced so far, Kanika says,

Like every startup, the issues are in the areas of execution and operation. Finding the talent pool of individuals and marketing new setup which people are not familiar is something we are working on. It’s not like jewelry, which people understand. We’re working on a concept which we need to explain to people and it has to be done in a manner that makes sense.”

She adds,

Manpower challenges have been addressed by making the right hire and fostering a work atmosphere that empowers individuals to think, innovate and be ambassadors of change. There is a deep connection between our talent pool and the service we offer, each individual at Wedding Wishlist resonates the brand and is committed towards making the difference. Marketing and educating the concept towards the Indian market has so far witnessed a balanced communication approach through creative online and offline efforts. We will continue to break barriers and change perspectives through a dynamic engagement and communication plan focused towards our target market.”

Apart from their intuitive website they are also launching a Wedding Wishlist mobile app. Wedding Wishlist is working on social experiments to promote the product, one of their interesting experiment was setting up scanner in wedding to scan gifts and let people know about the quality of gifts. It got huge response from the audience.

They are also expanding their product and experience portfolio across a range that continues to be handpicked from a wide variety of offerings that appeal to this target market. This is supported by ground events, collaborative associations & partnerships as well as exclusive off ground events owned and executed by Wedding Wishlist.

The concept of Wedding registry is quite new to India. There are a few websites that have sprouted in the past few months apart from Wedding Wishlist. Kanika says,

At Wedding Wishlist we are very focused on our couples and offering them a range of services which makes their Wishlist experience memorable & relevant. This is our key differentiator that defines and positions Wedding Wishlist in a favorable spot.”

Tip for newbie entrepreneur from Kanika,

The right attitude, dedication, willingness to continuously learn and adapt in equal measure is what I believe that drives a budding entrepreneurs’ success. Success means different things to different people but these attributes are the bed rock!. One should dream big, and persevere towards achieving the dream. Whatever you do must ultimately benefit the community around us, or it is not worth doing.

The article was first published in The Cofounder. The Cofounder is India’s first print magazine which writes about early stage startups and entrepreneurship.

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