Marvelous Women Campaign

The Story of Women’s Day goes long back to 1900s. To bring the changes in the system, women started raising their voices and this lead to a March of 15,000 women on the New York Streets demanding equality and rights. Fast forward to 1910,  a woman named Clara Zetkin (Leader of the ‘Women’s Office” Germany) proposed an idea of International Women’s Day

Marvelous Women Campaign

We conducted a small survey across all our centers in India which was taken by 200+ women coworkers working at different roles like CEO’s, Business Managers, Associates, and even Founders.

We would love to share the insights we got from them for the below questions;

Who makes them stronger?

But, have you ever wondered who’s behind a successful woman?

The results of our survey will give you an idea who has a positive influence in their life specifically the male figure

The result based on our survey is –

  • 49.1 % of women said their Father makes them stronger.

We can’t argue on that as girls are always more close to their father.

  • 20 % of women said their Brother makes them stronger.unnamed

No matter how much you fight with your brother, they are always there to protect them.

  • 10.9 % of women said their Husband makes them stronger.

Life Partner will always support them, care for them and protect them and make them stronger.

  • 20 % of women said their Mother, Grandfather, and Uncles makes them stronger.

Rest of the women said they are strongly influenced by their Mother, Grandmother, Grandfather, Uncles, aunts, and cousins.

Now, we know which man figure women’s admire the most in their life

What do they like to do the most?

Knowing what women are good at was also a part of our survey. They are not only best in their jobs but each one of them has a hidden talent too

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world.

  • 20% of women like to Sing

Singing always de-stress us. Can’t argue their (Right?)

  • 12.7% of women like to Cook

Indeed, food is something, which always makes us happy. Every house has its own Nigella Lawson.

  • 12.7% of women like to Fightunnamed-1

Definitely, not gonna comment on this. They got trained in this by fighting with their brothers. (Peace to those Brothers, Feel you)

  • 14.5% of women like being a couch potato

Who doesn’t love sitting all day and watching TV on weekends? They deserve after hectic weeks balancing home and work. (Aye?)

  • 7.2% of women like to drive

(Okay, hold up. Aren’t they lying? Just kidding) According to a study, women are better drivers than men’s.

  • 7.2% of women said they love dancing

Now, they are being modest we all know all the women are amazing dancers.

  • 25.7% are good at all the other things like Sketching, Gardening and in making handicrafts

Okay, now we also know what women are good at (We might crack the Women Psychology)

What they love and Enjoy most at Incuspaze?

This was exciting to know. Yes, they love us too :). Let’s see what they responded at Incuspaze

  • 12.7 % of women love Unlimited tea/Coffee

unnamed-2Connecting and Networking in the coffee breaks with different coworkers

  • 27.3% of women like the ambience of Incuspaze Centers

You’ll know and feel this when you will be here. So, Why don’t you visit us?

  • 27.3% of women like our Incuspaze team

Yah! We do a lot of hard work to help our coworkers work smoothly ? Thanks.

  • 32.7% of women like co-workers at Incuspaze

We have a vibrant ecosystem of startup and enterprises and young talent to experienced professionals. Everyone is connecting and growing together. That reflects our vision to  “Grow Together”.

Thank you, Coworkers, for finding the time and sharing your opinions!

Happy International Women’s Day ?

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community at Incuspaze?

Let’s connect today. Call us @  9930662621

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