INCLOV – Includes You, Includes Me.

Startup Name: Inclov

Tagline: Includes You, Includes Me

Domain: Dating

Founders: Kalyani and Shankar

Funding Status: Crowd funded and Seed funded (Undisclosed amount)

Inclov is one of the World’s first matchmaking app focusing on people with disability and with health disorders to find love. This company is one of its own kinds in the market right now. It matches people on the basis cure availability, medical condition, level of independence and lifestyle choices of an individual. No need to be emotionally deranged and depressed, just download Inclov, enter your details and VOILA, get looking for your better half.

It is said matches are made in heaven but now with the initiative taken by Kalyani, the dreams of many people are becoming reality and as it says

“There are still people with golden hearts in this world”,

so it is. Previously the organization was known by the name “Wanted Umbrella”.

Kalyani Khona, started a project last year named lovability which was backed by 143 backers. Lovability was the proposed app name when Kalyani was running a crowd-funding campaign to raise money for the prototype of the app which is now called Inclov. The project emphasized of creating their matchmaking domain into a mobile app which can be accessible by every single disabled people. The app constraints are very simple and sensible enough to land the best matches for the users. These constraints focus more on details like medication, possibility of cure, level of independence, instruments used rather than horoscopes, profession or financial backgrounds.

According to the statistics calculated by the team, 80 million people with disabilities resides in our country out of which a total of 5% gets married, adding further 12 million people with visual impairment are in India amongst which 6 million are educated individuals.

The app is also easily accessible through screen readers for people having visual impairments.


How Inclov was started?

In 2014, Kalyani started this project as a matchmaking agency for people with disabilities. She explains, as she was quite disheartened by the existing services and products utilized to solve this problem. She wanted to create a change in the society, to the existing system and bring happiness to the lives of people with disabilities. Her spirit was high and determined in her motives of bringing a smile and a significant change in their lives. Inclov was created.

There are 100 million people with disability in India, and 67% never find a life partner, that’s heartbreaking”

she said.

In its six months of existence in the market, 110 members & 1000 registrations between the ages of 24- 49 years from 20 cities in India were recorded.

Currently the app is accessible only by the android users but the team is re-designing the whole app based on the feedback on the users of their prototype. They are also planning to add additional features which will enhance user communication on Inclov. Apart from this, an iOS release is next on the pipeline.

The company is seed-funded presently, and Kalyani adds a note to the entrepreneurs,

“If you manage to get your business funded, always seek the right people for opportunities and let your brand grow into better and developed form.”


About Inclov

Shankar and Kalyani are the founding members. They both are ex-AIESECers from Mumbai majoring in Finance. In 2013, Kalyani graduated from H.R College of Commerce & Economics, in Mumbai, she also worked as a consultant with the Government of India for their Accessible India Campaign. Shankar graduated from Jai Hind College, Mumbai in 2013. He worked with the Pearson Group, and has a wide experience in marketing and business development domain.

In the launch of their android app six months back, they encountered 1000 successful matches so far. They are also planning to expand internationally in the upcoming years.

The revenue model which the company follows is subscription-base app users (freemium model) on Inclov as well as corporate and brand sponsors for their offline meet-ups Social Spaces.


What were the challenges faced as entrepreneur and how did you overcome it?

Kalyani explains, the biggest challenge faced by us while starting our company is the Social taboos associated to people with disabilities especially women. She exclaims the challenge is yet not finished but we managed to lessen down its impact by our marketing strategies and informative blogs in spreading the positive word in the society.

When asked who is her mentor and what principle she follows in this tough competitive society. She says “Mr. V.R Ferose” has been her biggest inspiration and a mentor who supported her in her tough times of struggle along the way. She strictly emphasis on her principle “Never compromise on your values and principles”.



The online matchmaking web portals are their biggest competitors as for now and she adds that the team manages to overcome them by reducing customer churn rate and improving accessibility of our product to every person with any kind of disability. She strongly believes that with right approach and firm determination the company will be reaching new heights.

She sends out a message to the new entrepreneurs in the society that,

Building a company is the most valuable experience you can get in your 20s, and a right idea can create wonders.”


The article was first published in The Cofounder. The Cofounder is India’s first print magazine which writes about early stage startups and entrepreneurship.

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