Hybrid & Flexible Office Space trend in India

With every challenging situation comes new opportunities. Post pandemic, the way an occupier, a developer, an investor or a coworking player looks at an office space has undergone a significant change. Office space is no more only a product or a service, rather it’s an experience that employers are now creating for their employees and making it progressive in nature.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, we see opportunities and demand for flexible and customized office space solutions on the rise. Several organizations are adopting Hybrid model, which is a combination of fixed and flexible seating office for their employees.

At Incuspaze, we are constantly innovating ourselves to meet the growing demand from our clients across India. Some of the key trends that we are witnessing include:

Surge in demand for flexible office space in Tier 2 cities

Coworking Space in Vadodara

We see a significant rise in demand for flexible office space in cities like Ahmedabad, Indore, Trivandrum, Kochi, Lucknow, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata and the likes. Large corporates & multinational companies are intending to secure flexible office spaces across these cities to enable their employees continue to work from their home location without travelling to metro cities, and to optimize costs, hence leading to adoption of hub & spoke model.

Shift of demand from conventional offices to fully serviced & managed offices

Co-working space in Gurgaon

Organizations continue to focus on their core business operations and are preferring to outsource the office management to coworking and managed office players with expertise in this business which further enable them to optimize operations.

Health & Safety is the top priority

Health & Safety is the priority quotient for organizations today for their employees while choosing an office space including the location and the building. The new office layouts & designs are all been developed keeping the safety standards at the workplace. The new designs have elements of appropriate social distancing, touchless access to most of the office accessories, medical facilities within the office space, advanced layer air filters for better air quality, regular sanitization etc.

Work near home is the next big thing

Infra Futura-Kochi-Incuspaze

Several employers are keen to have collaborative/experiential spaces at various locations within cities where employees can come once or twice a week and collaborate.

Overall, Commercial office space absorption has increased significantly over the past few years in India during the pre-pandemic period and going forward we feel confident to see the exponential growth of flexible office spaces gaining significant momentum and constitute a higher share in the overall leasing activity. We will continue to invest in coworking & managed office business and constantly innovate ourselves to serve our clients better.

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