ENE Social – Your Idea, Our Approach.

ENE Social – Your Idea, Our Approach.

The startup offers a free DIY platform for entrepreneurs to network and grow.

Startup Name: ENE Social

Founders: Vardhan, Sameer, Nikitesh and Saurabh

Domain: Business Networking / Social

Investment: Angel Fund (Undisclosed amount)

URL: https://enesocial.com/

ENE Social is an interactive Do-It-Yourself (DIY) platform exclusively designed for ideators, aspiring entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. It helps you to build a business canvas of your business idea and also helps you find the right connections or business partners who will help you to convert your idea into a profitable business.

ENE Social is classified into two categories

  • ENE Idea: It enables ideators & entrepreneurs to build an excellent business canvas from the idea within 24 hours.
  • ENE Nearby: It helps entrepreneurs to find business partners within 200km radius from their location using smart filters.

Our core team of ENE Social consists of 4 amazing leaders.

  • Vardhan Karanjikar, CEO, has worked on startups ever since he was in college and he understands the entrepreneurial space in and out.
  • Sameer Vaidya, CTO, has industry experience of more than 20 years in various fields of technology. He has a global exposure to leading companies in the industry and is currently residing in Canada.
  • Nikitesh Joshi, Chief Evangelist, is a UX and UI guru who has worked with startups and is excellent at communication.
  • Saurabh Joshi, CMO, who was the head of global marketing for a leading data services company and has global exposure in marketing.

ENE Social – a progressive webapp, was launched on 30th September 2016 for their beta users. After a month of testing, they worked on the feedbacks and made the product available to the public from December 1st, 2016. They look forward to make a positive difference to the entrepreneurship community in India and expect to on-board 250,000 entrepreneurs by the end of August 2017.

In coming days, ENE Social aims to expand its reach across the nation, majorly in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. They are planning to expand their offering by segregating their user base into Investors, Mentors, Entrepreneurs, and Service Providers. They will be modifying their platform to give each set of users a specific User Experience for each segment. They also have plans to expand their offerings into building more solutions like providing marketplace, e-commerce, club registrations and to work closely with offline accelerators and incubators.

The platform is still in the pre-revenue stage, they are planning to make premium services available on the platform for which users will be charged. ENE Social has also raised an angel round of funding for building the current MVP and team.

The Cofounder Crew had a rapid-fire interview with Nikitesh and here is the summary of it,

    • How did this idea strike you?

Well, the product that we have today is out of our own needs & challenges that we came across.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs who have been part of various businesses in their journey. Every time we started a business we felt that there was a lack of an action-oriented platform for entrepreneurs that would enable us to accelerate the process of starting our business. Then decided to start a platform that would help entrepreneurs to launch their ideas. Like they said, we built something that we wanted to use.


    • What is the biggest challenge you faced as an entrepreneur while establishing your startup?

The biggest challenge we faced was to ensure that we have proper versions of our product. As an ideator, it is easy to get lost in your product and you tend to keep on improving it without understanding your end user and their needs.


    • How did you overcome it?

We decided to go ahead and launch our Minimum Viable Product to understand how our target users would react to it. In my opinion, it is one of the best ways to launch your product because it forces you to make changes as the users need them and it is easier to adapt to the changes.


    • What is the biggest learning so far in your entrepreneurial journey?

As an entrepreneur, I have always learned that finding the right team is essential. I would say that if your team is perfect then building a solid product becomes easier. As entrepreneurs, we should be more attached to our core team and choose them wisely as they are the ones who will help us to achieve the vision of the product.


    • Who is your mentor/role model? What’s the best lesson you learned from them?

Our team’s mentor is Mr. Avinash Sisode. He has been a great support for our company simply because of his ability to understand the crux of any product. He has helped me to create and focus heavily on the deliverable value of the product so that it finds a place amongst today’s high-powered tech startups. His exposure to the industry in all segments throughout his life provides a much-needed insight into the workings of the product. He has taught me that creating value and finding a team that can deliver that value to your customers is the most essential part of any business venture.


    • What’s the tip for entrepreneur raising funding?

Angel funding is all about the team and the idea. Focus on what value you are delivering through your product and talk about your roadmap. Your core team should instill confidence in the investor to deliver what is promised and their commitment to the product.


    • Who are your competitors?

ENE Social has competitors in various segments of business networking and business consulting. However, our platform is one of its first kind of all-inclusive product.


    • How are you planning to outpace your competitors?

ENE Social is more of an action-oriented platform that focuses on the core pain points of the business world. We are constantly evolving our product and have a roadmap for the product evolution for the next 5 years. We are very focused on strategy and will keep on tweaking ours according to the needs of our users. We aim to constantly stay one step ahead of our competitors as we already know where we want to end up in 5 years.


    • What’s your tip for newbie entrepreneur?

My tip for a newbie entrepreneur would be to heavily focus on the value of the product and build something truly great. It is okay even if the ideation phase takes a year but perfect on what purpose your product will serve to this world. Make sure that purpose is something that is relevant for next 5 years. After doing all this, find a great team to build the product with you.


As someone once said,

“When a great product and a great team meet the right market, something magical happens.”

“The article was first published in The Cofounder. The Cofounder is India’s first print magazine which writes about early stage startups and entrepreneurship.

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