Center Manager

A Center Manager is the face of a company, managing communication in both directions. Responsible for all communications, PR, Social media, events and managing site day to day operations. A Center manager helps build, grow and manage a company’s or brand’s online communities. Using analytics tools to monitor social media outlets, online forums, and blogs, a Center manager finds out what people are saying about a company or brand. A Center manager also engages with customers and fans and uses social media and live events to help increase brand loyalty.


  • A center manager is responsible to maintain healthy relations with the building management team and with coordination to resolve if any issues.
  • Regular property inspections and concerns to pass on to operations.
  • Following the budget is given by CT.
  • Making sure of minimum energy consumption on a daily basis.
  • He/she must be able to build a good rapport with the customers and greet the customers when they enter the office overall building a strong relationship with the customers.
  • Handle customer requests promptly
  • It is the duty of a Center Manager to keep a record on people who have come to the office. Maintain records of their queries /feedback.
  • Maintain adequate stocks of office supplies.
  • Center Manager is entirely responsible for up keeping the allotted floor or site. On a daily basis, she/he should take regular rounds in the property and if any concern should report to the responsible department.
  • Keep up the workflow of the internal client working area.
  • Attend regular meeting coordinated by the Business Centre. Self-Supervisor to discuss the situation for improvement.
  • Ensure appearance, hygiene, courtesy, and telephone manners are in good order.
  • Organizing events and management.
  • Customer relations– the Center Manager is often responsible for customer support –answering questions however they come in (phone, e-mail, and direct) and managing any online feedback forums such as Get Satisfaction pages.
  • Communications/marketing strategy– the Center Manager is responsible for creating strategic marketing/communications plans to provide direction for the company’s publicfacing communications.
  • Updating ongoing events.
  • Business development – A Center Manager can also be responsible for business development and sales.
  • Managing Accounts related data on a daily basis like Clients Agreement, Clients KYC, Vendor invoices, Vendor payment status & follow-ups, Rental payments. (Hard copy to maintain)
  • Operation related data on a daily basis like,
    o Daily ops reports.
    o Meter reading report.
    o Pantry sales report
    o Training report.
    o Frisking report.
    o Vendor Food sales report.
    o Lost & found the report.
    o MMR monthly.
    o Pest control report.
    o HK/Pantry consumption report.
    o Happay Card expenses report.
    o Plant vendor visit report.
    o Water delivery report.
    o VMS report.
  • Managing Security/ Pantry / Housekeeping staff work (Expectations to pass on)
  • Operating a postal service for tenants, including receiving and sorting all incoming mail for tenants, administering the collection, franking, and dispatch of tenant’s post including registered and recorded mail
  • Operating a telephone message taking and answering service for tenants when appropriate arrangements have been made.
  • Operating a clerical service for tenants, including word processing, photocopying, faxing, etc.


  • Hotel Management degree preferred
  • Strong verbal and written communications
  • Exceptional public speaking skills
  • Exceptional organizational and multitasking skills
  • Passion and understanding for entrepreneurial communities
  • Mindset open to new and innovative solutions