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We are looking for:
Talented, Innovative and Passionate Entrepreneurs.
Incuspaze ecosystem will connect entrepreneurs to investors and mentors to empower them by laying the right foundation towards success and providing them with all the resources they need to get that jump start. This can potentially translate into your business idea being refined, implemented and scaled to have an impact on your target audience. You will be assigned a mentor during the initial idea stage/ the first version of your product and you will work to signing up your first set of customers within the 3 incubation period.
Our portfolio includes startups from various industries, so don’t feel shy about sharing your idea. Startups in the early stage as well the ones in growing stages are welcome to apply.
We will expect the applicants to our incubation program to be able to define
  • Problem that you are solving for
  • Technology that will be used to solve the problem
  • Target customers
  • Competitors, potential market size as per the chosen geographical location
  • Go-to-market strategy and Plan of action for the 3 month incubation period
  • Applications for the first batch close on 28th Feb 2017.
  • Startups will be notified by 15th March if they have been shortlisted.
  • Shortlisted startups will be interviewed by 25th March 2017.
  • Selected startups will be informed by 31st March 2017.
To apply for the Incuspaze Program, every startup must fulfill the below criteria:
  • Be currently working in Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning, Data science/Big Data or IoT (Intern of things) domain or Fully focus on his idea or company with no other formal job commitments.
  • Basic market validation has been carried out of the solution.
  • A hustler by attitude and entrepreneur at heart.
  • Startups who have received a funding of over INR 1 Crore will be considered on a case by case basis.
  • Startup from other domains can be considered on case by case basis irrespecitve of the stage and funding.
  • if you have queries, get in touch at
Applications Assessment
All applications will be judged by our experienced panel of mentors, entrepreneurs and industry experts, all of whom are familiar with the startup industry, own a business or have invested in one.
  • Initial Screening: applications will be screened by our panel and selected for an interview based on the information shared during the application process
  • Interview: Select startups will be invited for a 30-minute interview round to discuss their startup idea, vision and team
  • final Selection: Startups selected after the two rounds will be inducted for the Incuspaze Incubation Program.
  • We don't ask for equity. For the Incuspaze Incubation Program to be self-sustainable we will be taking an advisory fee. Please get in touch for more details. Grants from the Government are not counted in the investment criteria.
  • Startups participating in the program will require to sign an agreement with Incuspaze to be eligible to work out of the Incuspaze Coworking space and receive any funding.
  • Any intellectual property created by participants under the program will belong to the individual/team. Incuspaze is creating a collaborative environment to seed innovation and creativity.
  • All participants are required to acknowledge their association with the Incuspaze Incubation Program by using our logo on all external materials.
  • All startups will be required to provide a breakdown of how the seed funding will be utilised. There are no restrictions per se however, the Incuspaze Incubation team will offer guidance and recommendations.
  • At the end of the incubation period, all startups are required to provide feedback on their experience and the program
  • Participants are to decide independently what information they want to share about the Incubation program, the mentors, advisors or any other party.
  • All participants must agree to regular reviews by the Incuspaze Management team to ensure they are on track and check progress. We want to partner with startups who are dedicated to their idea, if the management sees that no progress is being made, the decision to discontinue the participation lies with the Management, and open the spot for another team.
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