July 2018


The co-working space industry is gaining widespread popularity in the Indian Startup Ecosystem. We live in a shared economy and co-working spaces are providing pooled resources to boost productivity by maximum optimization of: Physical office space Logistical Resources such as (Printers, laptops, WiFi, conference rooms, whiteboard brainstorming spaces etc), and Professional Fraternity While the broad merits are evident, here are 5 top tips to get the best out of your co-working space: Optimally utilize your Business funds Use your co-working space to effectively manage your day in day out office management needs. It is recommended for the company to use the modern office space for business meetings and boardrooms- to give out good first impressions instead of business meeting in restaurants and cafés. Or Use the seating arrangements, reliable Wi-Fi and office equipment at your dispense to ease the office work. While the co-working space caters to your business…