Incuspaze - Coworking Office Space in Gurgaon, Indore, Lucknow , India
Who is an Industry Ambassador?
Who is an Industry Ambassador?
An Ambassador is a one of a kind individual who for a span of six months will be fully immersed into the booming Indian startup ecosystem. Attending events and workshops, gathering learnings, creating content and interviewing industry experts are some of the key roles and responsibilities.
About us
Incuspaze is on a mission to bridge the gap that exists within Indian start-up ecosystem. We are a vibrant co-working space that emanates positivity and fuels fresh ideas and collaboration. Our plug-and-play offices make it possible for start-ups and entrepreneurs to focus on success and growth while we take care of everything else.
What are the Benefits?
What are the Benefits?
  • You get access to the ing space and exposure to global startup and research community.
  • Networking with Members, Mentors, Investors, Researchers, Ideators.
  • Practical learning.
What are the Rewards?
What are the Rewards?
  • A letter of recommendation for all your efforts.
  • If you’re awesome, we might even offer you a full time job once you’re done with college.
  • The chance to have your original content up on our channels with your name right beside it.
  • T-shirts, mugs, notebooks, stickers and your very own business cards too!
  • Get featured at India's First Startup magazine - The Co-Founder
Let's talk numbers
If you still consider us a novice in what we do, here’s why you should trust us.
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Startups invested

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Building businesses at Incuspaze
Sanjay Choudhary, Chief Evangelist at Incuspaze talks about his vision for the startups in India and how Incuspaze is here to play its part.
Our Partners
Bonus business benefits and partnerships that we already done for coworkers to make their work hassle free.

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